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About Us

Byron Thompson Conch City Logo LockupConch City Seafood brings the best of fresh seafood and gourmet cuisine at unbelievable prices to metro-Atlanta. The restaurant was established on January 1, 2012 by Byron Thompson, the Savannah born and raised son of a fisherman. Inspired by his natural love of seafood, knack for cooking and the restaurants he frequented in Miami that offered an array of conch cuisine, Byron recognized the untapped market for authentic conch dishes in the Atlanta metro-area over 25 years ago.

However, a series of unfortunate circumstances brought him away from the city for over 22 years delaying him bringing his dream to fruition. Upon returning to Atlanta in 2010, Mr. Thompson was amazed to learn that no one still had yet tapped into the market for fresh conch in the metro area. This was particularly interesting with so many people in Atlanta originally from various parts of the Caribbean where the dish is popular. So he officially began Conch City Seafood in Stone Mountain, GA. “People prayed for it. They would come up to me and say ‘Thank God. I’ve been praying for this,’” Thompson says. And that’s exactly why Conch City Seafood will forever be known for its conch dishes. Conch City is one of the few places if not the ONLY to offer the variety of conch meals in the state.

The visionary ran the kitchen by himself for the first year and over the course of time grew his menu, dish by dish, from basic conch meals featuring both Miami and Savannah based conch to savory fish and shrimp dishes and favorites like Crab Rice. “The big difference is we do gourmet dishes here, in a short amount of time and at a great price. We do a gourmet dish in like 10-15 minutes where other restaurants may take 45 minutes to an hour.”

What to expect from Conch City Seafood: We’re looking to expand within the next year. I hope that there will be 3 to 5 Conch City Seafood restaurants in the metro area. Business is picking up so good and expanding so fast and that’s a blessing. And when a blessing comes through, you’ve gotta receive it.”